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Day of the Deployed

Many elderly have memories of serving in the military. While no one looks forward to being deployed for the sake of being deployed, these are often the memories many elderly have of theirRead More...
By : Brenda Hannah | Oct 26, 2016

Today is International Artists Day. What do you do to release your creativity? “Art has been an important part of the human experience for time out of mind, the first records ofRead More...
By : Brenda Hannah | Oct 25, 2016

Age Old Celebration

Another shining example that you are never too old to celebrate life.
By : Brenda Hannah | Oct 24, 2016

Elder Love

Often we spend our younger years dreading getting older, but how often do we talk about how wonderful it can be?
By : Brenda Hannah | Oct 21, 2016


“Do you believe in life after death? Do you think death is the end, and there is no afterlife? Many people have varied ideas about this topic, and their beliefs can impactRead More...
By : Brenda Hannah | Oct 20, 2016

Admit One

At Better Care Management we strive to find ways to affect our clients in the best way possible. Sometimes it is forgotten that our elders come from a time when entertainment wasRead More...
By : Brenda Hannah | Oct 19, 2016

Disastrous Times

Would your elder be prepared of a Natural Disaster hit? Take a look at this article for ways to help make sure they are.
By : Brenda Hannah | Oct 17, 2016

Are you plugged in?

“Six in ten seniors now go online, and just under half are broadband adopters.” Do your elder friends dabble? Read this article below for interesting information on how more and more seniorsRead More...
By : Brenda Hannah | Oct 3, 2016

Not nice to fling mud. Or is it?

Happy National Mud Pack Day! Helping a person with dementia maintain his or her appearance can promote positive self-esteem. While these tasks may become frustrating for a person with Alzheimer’s in theRead More...
By : Brenda Hannah | Sep 30, 2016

Neighborly Advice

Better Care Management believes that being a good neighbor is important. Especially on National Good Neighbor Day! Take some time out today to Smile and Wave, and be sure to say HelloRead More...
By : Brenda Hannah | Sep 28, 2016
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