Care Management

Often situations arise which signal that changes may be needed in an elder’s living situation or that a crisis is imminent. Click on the links below to learn more about common events that can be addressed by professional care management.


  • Frequent emergency room visits for falls, accidents, or other health events
  • Reports from police, emergency medical teams, neighbors, or social services about elders
  • Recent loss of spouse
  • Depression or suicidal thinking related by elder living alone
  • Elder behavior issues reported in assisted living facility or nursing home

Deteriorating Conditions

  • Single elders are experiencing greater isolation and less stimulation from family, friends, neighbors and social activities
  • Elders are less able to care for themselves during the activities of daily living; elder is unsafe being left alone
  • Children experience increasing stress about a parent’s health condition
  • Elders begin experiencing delusions, hallucinations or a distorted sense of reality
  • Elders or family are frustrated with the care provided or status of an elder’s condition at an assisted living facility or nursing home
  • Elders or family are dissatisfied with the quality of a caregiver or in-home aid’s services or attitude to elders
  • Elders are unhappy with the services being provided by health care professionals or in-home caregivers or believe they are insufficient or inappropriate
  • Children are increasingly concerned about an elder’s physical or mental abilities
  • Pain is becoming an important issue with an elder’s quality of life
  • Elders or family are concerned about security or accessibility of an elder’s living environment.

Life Transitions

  • Elder wants to transition to a retirement community
  • Discharge arrangements need to be made for an elder from a health care facility
  • Elder couple wants to live independently at home despite disabilities
  • Family considering having an elder live with one of the children
  • Family coming to grips with the grief, dying, and death process
  • A family caretaker needs to transition responsibility to another party
  • An elder needs a conservator of the estate or person

Long-Term Planning

  • Medicare benefits are running out for elder in a health care facility
  • Elders need help allocating resources to their family and planning to optimize long term care costs and tax burdens
  • Elders need help with end of life plans, advance directives or living wills
  • Elders interested in purchasing long term care insurance but don’t have knowledge of costs and benefits
  • Elders and family need a strategy for managing life transitions